December 20, 2015

SpeedQuizzing: PUB QUIZ / Bar Trivia

SpeedQuizzing: PUB QUIZ

SpeedQuizzing: PUB QUIZ is tomorrow’s hosted bar trivia game available today. It was specifically designed to appeal to pub, bar, tavern, and saloon patrons of all ages and types. It’s a fast paced and engaging high-tech spin on the classic bar trivia night.

*New* Now Your Distributors Will Pay You To Have Us

Our system was just upgraded. Now, throughout the event, we have the ability to broadcast two different slide shows. One will play on team player phones during breaks while the other will play large and in living color over our 8 foot screen all evening long*. These slides can be used to promote upcoming events, nightly specials, or to entice your distributors to help pay for the event. Depending on your relationship with them, you could get bar trivia for free.

Better (Multimedia) Bar Trivia Game Show

bar trivia on a smartphoneIt is paced three times faster than regular pencil and paper bar trivia with three times the questions asked in the same amount of time. It also incorporates multimedia questions digitally delivered to each trivia team’s designated phone via a free app to make for a riveting game show like experience.


fun-and-game-show-bowlingballsCheating can be a big problem for traditional bar trivia games. When playing old school trivia games teams usually have several minutes which the less honest ones can use to sneak a peak at their phones for the answers, and nothing will end to your trivia night faster than cheating competitors. When a team phone connects to our system it loses internet connection, and even if another teammate should try to sneak a peak on his/her phone, with only ten seconds to respond they better be a really fast typist and have a network with a ton of bowling balls.


Better Weekly Crowd

bar trivia crowdSpeedQuizzing: PUB QUIZ is a crowd building juggernaut. Once it gets started there’s nothing that can stop it. Crowds continue to grow overtime by both organic growth and by syphoning players from competitor venues who are still employing Flinstone-tech bar trivia game companies.



next-gen-crewBetter Host

What good is a next generation game without a next generation host? People will tell you that there are two main reasons that they come out to one of our trivia nights. First, it’s the game, of course, but second is our host. Quite simply put, he’s the best there is. He’s had years of entertainment experience, grew up in an entertainment family, is an accomplished improve artist, and plays a crowd like no one you’ve ever seen before. He’s a rockstar and if you don’t have him running your trivia night you’re losing money…period.

Better Equipment

on-the-spot-full-smOur feeling on the matter is that, if you can’t be seen or heard what’s the point? That’s why our game includes a top-level professional PA and 8 foot big screen display. We wow the guests with spectacle as much as substance.


short term contractBetter Contracts

Most bar trivia companies try to lock you into at least a 12 week contract. Well, we think that that sucks. What if it’s just not working out at your place? You have to keep paying them week to week. No thank you. We are confident enough in our game and host to offer short term contracts. Don’t get us wrong, when you see the crowds that you’re getting and want to lock us in for longer, we’ll oblige.


Themed Bar Trivia

themed-triviaThe new trend in bar trivia is themed trivia nights. A bar recently called us to start doing a Harry Potter trivia night because their sister bar was so successful that they had to start selling tickets so that they could manage the crowds it generated. There’s a reason that the word “fan” comes from the word “fanatic.” You won’t find a more enthusiastic or loyal group of patrons than those with a favorite theme. With our next-gen multimedia game our themed bar trivia nights are a full sensory experience that will engage fans and non-fans alike.

  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Game of Thrones
  • Disney
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Dr. Who
  • Star Trek
  • MORE


Don’t worry. This game is team based and only requires one mobile device per team. As long as one person in the group knows how to install an app, everyone can play.


Our system can support up to 64 teams.


“But, our neighborhood grill doesn’t have Wi-Fi. I guess that means that people can’t use their phones.”

Don’t worry. We bring our own special wireless hub that connects players’ phones to our game. All we need is electricity.


We supply all of our own equipment.

  • Big screen display
  • PA system
  • Control system
  • Special wireless hub (internet access NOT required)

Out Of The Box Thinking

Close out a run of bar trivia with a tournament of champions where the top teams compete against one another on one of our game shows. I Double Dare You is a particularly good choice for this.


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*8 foot screen comes standard provided that the venue has sufficient room.