Tomorrow's weekly hosted pub quiz today. We've thrown out the paper and pencils, and transformed trivia nights into a fast-paced interactive multimedia game show.

With our free app, team phones become answer keys and game show buzzers.

Our experienced game show host pulls it all together and delivers a peerless entertainment experience that's as much comedy act as it is trivia night.

Something For Everyone

Hardcore Trivia Buffs


Fast-paced challenging questions, picture puzzles, and brain-teasers are at the core of our game.

Casual Gamers


For those who just happen to be out on the town, but aren't regular trivia game players, our engaging host, and game show-like atmosphere are usually enough to keep people in their seats and keep them ordering rounds of beer.

Less Than Great Teams


Let's face it, not all teams are created equal. To keep things exciting and give those not-so-hot teams a reason to keep coming back, we include mini-games that are fun and engaging and have nothing to do with trivia, as well as give teams an added chance to earn entries into our monthly vacation drawing.

Impossible To Cheat

What's one of the fastest ways to kill a weekly PubQuiz?. One of the features that makes SpeedQuizzzing so much fun is also one of the things that makes it impossible to cheat.

Speed is literally the name of the game. With only 10 seconds to respond to each question, there just isn't time to cheat.

Also, it's kind of hard to use your phone to look up an answer when you're busy answering on your phone.

Something extra to keep them coming back every week

Every month we give one lucky team at each of our venues an opportunity to spin the Wheel of Travel and win a fantastic vacation getaway. We use this to incentivize attendance and social media engagement, as well as to give all teams something to be excited about, regardless of their skill level.


Easy to play.

If you can install an app, you can play the game.

 Three rounds, 20 questions each, two bonus questions, and five question types.

It's really that easy.


Better Host

What good is a next generation game without a next generation host? People will tell you that there are two main reasons that they come out to one of our trivia nights. First, it’s the game, of course, but second is our host. Quite simply put, he’s the best there is. He’s had years of entertainment experience, grew up in an entertainment family, is an accomplished improve artist, and plays a crowd like no one you’ve ever seen before.

He’s a rockstar and if you don’t have him running your trivia night you’re losing money…period.

May The 4th Be With You. Online Virtual Trivia Game Show

Theme Events

Not everyone is a trivia master, but almost everyone is a superfan of one thing or another.  Choose your topic, and we'll create a custom game just for you.

Just a few examples

  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter
  • The Office (US)
  • Back To The Future
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Mean Girls
  • Disney
  • Pixar
  • Friends
  • Sports
  • Movies (general)
Harry Potter Online Virtual Trivia Game Show

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