Private Virtual Events

Did Covid-19 cause you to have to cancel a graduation party, corporate event, or another type of function? Let our virtual events help to bring you together in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Since we're working from home, our event overhead is significantly lower, and we're passing the savings on to you.

Private Live Events

There's still no substitute for live entertainment. And there's no live entertainment like one of our Fun & Game Shows. We use modern tech to create an engaging multimedia experience that is brought together by an experienced and engaging game show host.

Weekly Live Events

If you're looking to fill seats on a regular weekly basis, you need look no further. Unlike traditional trivia nights that can frustrate your average guest, Name That Tune engages a much wider audience.

The Game

We mix things up with audio cues to songs across all genres, popular songs played backward, pepper in some music trivia questions, and so much more.

60+ questions

1 1/2 to 2 hours of gameplay

Only 10 seconds to answer each question


Different Question Types

5 different types of questions from fill in the blank to buzz-in-the-fastest we're able to keep players on their toes and the excitement level to a maximum.

Our online version supports up to 100 devices and our live version supports up to 50 playing at once, Name That Tune is a fast-paced and super entertaining multimedia trivia game show for everyone.

Team Phones

Phones and Tablets are transformed into answer keys.


Something extra to keep them coming back every week

Every month we give one lucky team at each of our live venues an opportunity to spin the Wheel of Travel and win a fantastic vacation getaway. We use this to incentivize attendance and social media engagement, as well as to give all teams something to be excited about, regardless of their skill level.

Grand Prize

Every one of our private events, virtual and otherwise, comes with an amazing Grand Prize. The winning team gets to choose from over 100 vacation destinations worldwide.


Our Host Is A Very Very Very Fine Host

Games are just games. What makes them a show is our host. He has years of experience hosting holiday parties, main stage productions, corporate events, and more. Starting on stage at the age of 3, he is an experienced improv artist with a formal theater education who transforms our shows into a fun and funny experience that everyone in your group will love.

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