October 22, 2015

On The Spot

On the spot is a simple trivia challenge game show that can be tailored to accommodate anywhere from two people and up.

What Makes It Special

With our On The Spot game show podium, if you don’t know the answer to a question but don’t think that your opponents do either, you can opt to hit the On The Spot Button and force them to attempt an answer or lose the round.


It’s up to you. We can ask a mix of general trivia questions, or we can tailor them just for you. No matter the grade or age, no matter the gender, no matter your interests, we have the questions to fit.

Game Types

  • Trivial Pursuit – A Mix of General Trivia
  • Bible Trivia – For The Pious Among Us
  • Pop Culture Clash – Movies, Music, Fads, and More
  • Sports Fan – For Armchair Quarterbacks

What You Get

All of our Game Shows are available with:

  • High-Tech Game System
  • Stage Set Up
  • P.A. System
  • Big Screen Display
  • Professional Game Show Host

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