September 30, 2015

Your Game Show

Game Shows are terrific for adults and children of nearly any age. They can help strangers get to know one another, teams work better together, and people of all ages learn new information. Whether you use it for education or business, our game shows can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.

Available Game Shows for Rent


  • Fun – This one’s obvious. Game shows have been around for a very long time. They’re on the television networks of nearly every country on the planet. This is because, they are inherently fun to play and to watch.
  • Fundraisers – Due to there mass appeal, our game shows make amazing fundraisers. People will pay to watch, and more to play.
  • Bars and Clubs – In the 80’s and 90’s it was karaoke. The early 2000’s saw sumo wrestling and toilet races, and the last few years it’s been dubstep for dance clubs, but for everyone else it’s been a scramble to find that new something. Well wait no further. Game shows are interactive, fun, and funny. They pack people in and keep them ordering food and drink while they watch, not to mention the premium that they are willing to pay for a chance to participate. In fact, we’ve created a trivia game show specifically for bars that replaces the tired and worn out paper and pencil bar trivia.
  • Team Building – Great teams are born of great leadership, mutual respect, competitiveness, and their ability to adapt. Our shows give your people the opportunity to polish all of the above.
    • Corporations – Businesses thrive when their people work smoothly together.
    • Universities and Colleges – Sororities, fraternities, activity boards, and other student organizations can always benefit from functioning better as a team.
  • Ice Breakers – Groups of strangers placed together in forced social situations. Sound like fun? We don’t think so either. Our game shows give people something to do, something to watch, and common ground from which long term relationships can be founded.
  • Festivals and Fairs – The search for new and exciting shows is always a struggle. Our game shows will generate excitement and buzz.

Size Matters Not

Our game shows can be adjusted to fit nearly any venue. We can set up and run a full scale theatrical production with set dressings, professional game show podiums, giant screen display, and professional game show host, or we can scale it down for an intimate gathering with a few close friends.


Our shows’ questions are entirely up to you. We can stick to something general, or we can restrict them to a particular topic or genre.

  • History
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Star Wars
  • Wrestling
  • Local History


All of our game shows can be customized for your organization. You need only provide us with questions and answers that we will then integrate into one of our existing game formats. Doing this can turn our already fun game shows into fun educational and training opportunities or eye catching attention grabbing money makers. The possibilities are endless.

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